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Frequently Asked Questions


1What should I do if I’m involved in an injury accident?

You should gather as much information as possible about the accident, take photographs, obtain the names, addresses and telephone numbers of all witnesses, and foremost, do not admit fault. Mr. Kornreich will advise you on the issue of fault and who’s liable. It is very important to contact your lawyer immediately.

2What about medical treatment and my medical bills?

Regarding Medical Treatment: If you are injured in an accident you must seek medical care immediately! Any delay in receiving medical treatment will jeopardize your personal injury case. Insurance companies look at “delays in medical care” as an indication that you were are not hurt—which could effect your eventual settlement.

Regarding Your Medical Bills: Responsibility for your accident related medical bills is ultimately the responsibility of the defendant’s insurance company. However, during the course of your medical care, Mr. Kornreich will work with both your group health insurance company and/or your own automobile insurance medical pay policy, to obtain payment of your medical bills. Mr. Kornreich will also work with your doctor to obtain medical treatment on a “lien” basis, wherein your doctor agrees to wait until your case is resolved, before he or she is paid for their medical services. Your only concern should be about getting better.

3What about my loss of earnings?

The defendant’s insurance company will be responsible for all of your loss of earnings. Mr. Kornreich will work with you in obtaining all the evidence necessary to document your loss of earnings. Mr. Kornreich will also advise you in regards to sick leave benefits, disability insurance, and unemployment benefits.

4What about attorney fees?

There is no charge for the initial consultation and there are no attorney fees until your case is resolved. Your case will be handled on a “contingency fee basis.” In other words—there is no attorney fee UNLESS there is a successful recovery—and Mr. Kornreich does not like working for free.

5What about the costs involved in litigating the case?

Mr. Kornreich will advance all costs involved in litigating your case. Upon conclusion of the case Mr. Kornreich will be reimbursed for his advanced (out-of-pocket) costs.

6What if experts are needed?

Mr. Kornreich will hire whatever experts are needed to prove your case and will advance the costs of hiring these experts. Experts commonly hired include treating doctors, accident recontructionists, and economists.

7Is it really necessary to hire a lawyer that only handles personal injury cases?

Absolutely! Insurance companies, as well as their lawyers, know which law firms specialize in this area of law. The value of your case could be affected if you retain the wrong law firm. Mr. Kornreich, at Hultgren & Kornreich, has over 30 years of experience exclusively in the personal injury/wrongful death field of law.

8Can my case be jeopardized by my failure to hire a lawyer right away?

Yes—valuable evidence could be lost; witnesses need to be interviewed; photographs need to be taken; and the case may need the immediate services of an expert or investigator. Furthermore, it is very difficult (emotionally) to objectively handle your own case in dealing with the defendant’s insurance company.

9What happens if the defendant in an automobile accident case has no insurance or has an inadequate amount of insurance?

If the defendant has no insurance then you would have what is known as an uninsured motorist’s claim—where you deal with your own automobile insurance company. If the defendant has an inadequate amount of insurance you may also be able to pursue an underinsured motorist’s claim with your own automobile insurance company. Mr. Kornreich understands how to handle both uninsured and underinsured motorists claims.

10When my personal injury case is resolved, are there any tax consequences?

No! Under current law personal injury and/or wrongful death recoveries are not subject to state or federal taxes.

11How long will my case take?

You should never settle your case until you have completed all your medical care and understand the long term consequences of your injuries. Please note, 95% of all personal injury cases eventually settle out-of-court, so the probability of your case going all the way to a jury trial is very small.


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