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August 25, 2016
Fall and Pedestrian Accidents
October 25, 2016

Pedestrian Injury and Compensation!

During the summer months, more pedestrians suffer injuries from vehicles than any other time. Children are out of school and parents are taking vacations. It is normal to see a lot of pedestrian activity during this time. Not only are pedestrians struck by vehicles, they are also injured because of construction debris and sidewalk defects. If you are a pedestrian who has been injured, it is important to call a personal injury lawyer. Dale Kornreich is here for all of your pedestrian personal injury claims.

  • Pedestrian/Vehicle Accidents

There are many ways a pedestrian may be hit by a vehicle. Most times, the driver is not paying attention. They could be distracted by their phone or talking to a passenger. Speeding is also a major cause of pedestrian accidents. Drugs and alcohol is another contributing factor to pedestrian accidents. There are just some of the most common ways a pedestrian is hit by vehicles. If you have been struck by a vehicle while walking, call a personal injury lawyer immediately!

  • Smaller Children Are More Likely to be Struck by a Vehicle

Children are smaller and less visible. This is why smaller children are hit more frequently than adults. A small child is not visible when a car is backing up. Parks, schools, and other recreational areas have a lot of children. Many drivers will disobey the speed limits that are set and could possibly strike a child. If your child has been struck by a vehicle, get medical attention and call a personal injury lawyer!

  • Elderly People 

Elderly people are more fragile and an unsafe bump in the sidewalk or parking lot could cause them to fall and injure themselves. This is also the case for construction debris. An uneven area could cause a person to slip and fall.  If this happens, make sure to seek medical attention and take pictures of the scene.

If you think you deserve compensation from a pedestrian accident, don’t hesitate to call Dale Kornreich. We are here to help you with your claims and to ensure you get the best treatments available.

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