Law Offices of Dale M. Kornreich – Premise Liability & Homeowner’s Liability


If you are injured on property—through the negligence of the landowner or through negligent acts of the landowner and/or their family members—you are entitled to bring a personal injury claim. Under a legal principle known as “premise liability,” the owner of a property is liable for your injuries—if the owner failed to keep the property reasonably safe and free of a dangerous condition, or if the owner negligently caused your injuries on or off their premises. Examples of these types of claims (from prior cases) include, defective stairway, protruding rebar, broken steps, collapsing structure/tree limb from rot or disease, exposed electrical wires, accidental shooting (covered by homeowners policy), negligent misconduct by children away from their house resulting in injury, negligently striking a person with your golf (child injured by adult), etc.



If you have been injured on property that is owned or under the control of another party, or negligently injured by the property owner (or by a member of their family on, or off their premises), then contact the Law Offices of Dale M. Kornreich at (818) 874-1470.