Law Offices of Dale M. Kornreich – Traumatic Brain Injury


Traumatic brain injury also known as TBI, occurs when an “impact trauma” permanently damages the brain. Symptoms can be severe to mild, depending upon the extent of the blow. As a result of the injury producing event, the brain suffers bruising, swelling, or intracranial hemorrhaging (bleeding). TBI can cause a variety of symptoms—some life-threatening and others mild, including loss of consciousness, comma, seizures, paralysis, emotional and psychological deficits, anger, confusion, difficulties with memory, lack of sleep, hearing loss, decrease in intelligence, inability to perform simple tasks, dizziness, visual impairment, social withdrawal, loss of sex drive, impulsive behavior, easily distracted, loss of smell, appetite change, slurred words/difficulty communicating, and other cognitive deficits.

If you’ve suffered a TBI, you should obtain appropriate medical care as soon as possible including neurological, psychological/psychiatric, x-rays, specialized imaging studies, medications, and rehabilitation.


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