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Burn Injuries are one of the most painful injuries a human can sustain. The treatment typically requires expensive reconstructive surgeries, is extremely unpleasant, and long. Full recovery from burn injuries is a misnomer inasmuch as the victim will live with the disfiguring and disabling scars for the rest of their life. The residual scars are usually achy, tingling, burning, and irritating, and serve as a permanent and tormenting reminder of that tragic day. Lots of photographs—as early as possible and taken periodically throughout your recovery—will graphically convey to the defendant’s insurance company and/or to the jury, the extent of your injury, and what you’ve endured.

The Law Offices of Dale M. Kornreich has handled both traumatic brain injury and burn injury cases. Monetary compensation in these catastrophic cases is the only way the victim can receive a sense of justice—for what will be lifelong injuries. Therefore, an experienced attorney is critical in the handling of these matters. Mr. Kornreich’s has handled these types of cases for thirty years. If you need a seasoned attorney to handle your traumatic brain injury or burn injury case, then contact the Law Offices of Dale M. Kornreich at (818) 874-1470.